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After more than 25 years of creating photography that the world's most demanding editorial and commercial clients continue to use in all forms of visual media throughout the globe, I'm pleased to offer my images as prints to individuals and organizations. I'm unveiling this opportunity at a measured pace, beginning now by offering 20-inch (longest-dimension) unlimited editions of the majority of my work. I'll soon offer a select and slowly growing set of very carefully and thoughtfully chosen images as limited edition prints. I'll also infrequently offer some very exciting and intriguing special limited edition lines.
Image Selection:
Select any one (or a group) of my images that you would like to own as a print to store or to display. You may have seen a work of mine you like in a magazine, on the cover of a book, on television, online, or while perusing my images on the site of one of my representing agencies. When you find an image of mine you'd like to own as a print, please contact me and attach a small digital version of the photograph, or send a description. I'll confirm the image with you and begin the printmaking process.
The Images:
I have my prints made from high-quality digital files. These files evolved either from native digital RAW files then converted to TIFFs / JPEGs or from Kodachrome or Fujichrome Velvia 35mm film or medium format Fujichrome Velvia which I then digitized on a high-resolution scanner.
Print Process:
I work with a print maker I consider to be one of the very best in the world, Patrick O'Kane. My professional relationship with Pat spans decades. It began with him processing my E-6 (Fujichrome Velvia) film, making Cibachrome prints (Ilfochrome) from my transparencies, making internegatives of my transparencies and then custom Type-R prints, and now he makes what I consider the very best prints the world has yet seen, high quality archival digital prints. Most commonly called giclée prints, highly precise piezograph print heads spray tiny droplets of an array of archival ink onto archival paper. First used in the early 1990s, a number of museums now feature these digital prints, including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and The National Gallery, London, among a large and growing list. Pat uses the very best printers, inks, and papers available. He is a master of this form of print making and a perfectionist. Please specify the finish of paper for your print: matte or glossy.
My preference is to sell prints matted and framed, with a signature below the lower right corner of the print. At the very least, I prefer that Pat mount the print, and either ship directly to the purchaser, or to me to sign. I can arrange frame work of the highest caliber, using 8-ply acid free rag mat board, gallery quality glass, and black metal frame. I prefer a four inch mat width with a five inch drop bottom. I use a professional packaging / shipping service, and charge actual shipping / packaging costs. I typically ship using either FedEx or UPS. I ship from Wyoming. I can ship internationally.
Pricing and Terms:
$1,200 printed and mounted. $1,600 framed (as described above). I charge actual packaging and shipping fees. I do not charge a handling fee. Terms: 1/2 down on order, 1/2 payable to ship. Price for prints to increase periodically, roughly every 12 to 18 months.
Display and Usage:
I'm offering my images to individuals and all types of organizations to either store or to display privately or publicly. No derivative or commercial use authorized.
Thank you for your interest,
— Ed Darack