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I've worked with a number of fantastic agencies and publications throughout my career as a photographer and have had my imagery featured on all types of visual media throughout the globe, from postage stamps to highway billboards, from local newspapers to international broadcast and cable television, with my images having been seen by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. My photographic projects have taken me to the summits of two continents (North America's Mount McKinley (Denali) and South America's Aconcagua), to the bases of Mount Everest and K2, across the Sahara Desert by Land Rover and camel train, shoulder-to-shoulder with United States Marines on the ground and in the skies of Iraq and Afghanistan during high-intensity combat, inside the cockpits of F-16s, V-22 Ospreys, and C-130s soaring thousands of feet above the earth, deep into the mist-shrouded jungles of Belize, Venezuela, and Borneo, under the highest and most iconic architectural works in modern human history, flying through the eye wall of a hurricane as it destructively churned up the Atlantic coast of the eastern United States, and racing in pursuit of towering thunderstorms in Tornado Alley, among a broad host of other situations and locations during photography projects. 
My creative rights-managed stock imagery is represented by SuperStock and further distributed through an international network of leading specialty agencies. My images have been used on the covers and interiors of some of the world's most widely-read periodicals (and those not so widely read), the covers and interiors of an array of books—from New York Times bestsellers to biology textbooks—on broadcast and cable television, and all forms of product advertising and packaging, from postage stamps to highway billboards. Images of mine have been used by and have appeared in Smithsonian, Germany's Stern, Vanity Fair, The National Geographic Society, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Times, The Sunday Times, Bank of America, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Forbes Magazine, Outside, Sierra, Town and Country, Powder, Popular Science, Geo, Elle, Reader's Digest, Playboy, Canada Post, The United Nations, Random House Publishing, The Penguin Publishing Group, McGraw-Hill, The Rand Corporation, Volkswagen, Discovery Channel, British Petroleum, Time Life Publications, The Guardian, IBM, ABC News, The BBC, People Magazine, New York Magazine, Time Magazine, NBC Television, The Week Magazine, Microsoft, ABC Television, Scientific American, The United States Department of State, The United States National Institute of Health, Mental Floss, The Pew Research Center, Red Bull, The Milken Institute, Conde Nast Traveler, American Airlines, Hachette, Harlequin, Yahoo, Yale University, Harvard Magazine, Victory Motorcycles, The New York Daily News, The Independent, Bloomberg Businessweek, The British Library, The Weather Channel, The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, Scholastic, Lonely Planet, Stanford University, Hallmark Cards, and many other editorial, commercial, institutional, and governmental imagery users.   
You can view and license my photographic imagery through a variety of agencies.
I offer high-quality prints of my imagery for both individuals and organizations. Please visit this site's Prints section for more information.
Thank you for your interest,
— Ed Darack