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My upcoming book, THE FINAL MISSION OF EXTORTION 17 - Special Ops, Helicopter Support, SEAL Team Six, and the Deadliest Day of the U.S. War in Afghanistan will be published by Smithsonian Books with distribution by Penguin Random House on September 19, 2017. I've also just completed two novels, each the first of a novel series, and I think readers throughout the world will find both these stories gripping, thought provoking, and utterly amazing. I have more great news that I'll be posting in the coming weeks.
I've authored four previous books, the most recent being VICTORY POINT, which documents two historically pivotal military operations in eastern Afghanistan. Victory Point, published by the Penguin Publishing Group of New York (hardcover released in 2009 and paperback in 2010) was chosen as a book of the year by the United States Naval Institute. My first book, nominated for a Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature, chronicled my solo climb of Mount McKinley (Denali), the highest mountain in North America and one of the coveted "Seven Summits." My second book chronicled my 850 mile solo sea kayak journey along the Sea of Cortez coastline of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula through my narrative, photographs, and maps, and my third book documented mountaineering expeditions to the highest mountains of South America, including a successful ascent of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in South America, and like Denali (Mount McKinley), one of the Seven Summits.   
All of my books, including those now out of print, are available at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com
My author profile at Penguin Random House.
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