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I've been extremely fortunate to have worked with some fantastic, award-winning publications on a broad range of feature articles throughout my career as a magazine writer. From explaining the subtleties of photographing desert landscapes for a nature photography magazine to conveying the thrill of pulling vertical over the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in an F-16 for the country's leading aviation publication, I've always sought to craft articles to be striking and memorable, to draw the reader deep into the essence and excitement of the story. I continue to publish new articles in my ongoing "Weatherscapes" series for Weatherwise Magazine, where I explore different notable locations throughout the globe from a meteorological perspective, as well as work on some fascinating aviation projects for Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine, including designing and building a functional UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle, or "drone") from scratch, among other projects.
View a selection of articles of mine in Weatherwise Magazine and Smithsonian's Air & Space magazine.   
I've authored articles about scientific oddities like the Moving Rocks of Death Valley National Park's Racetrack Playa, the rigors of desert and mountain warfare training with United States Marines, the beauty and power of weather in the highest Himalayas, the intrigue of seeking an understanding of the most fundamental laws governing all of nature, the stark emptiness of the Atacama and Sahara Deserts, the thrill of taking the final steps onto the summit of a continent's highest mountain, and the gut-wrenching fear of street-to-street combat in Haditha, Iraq, among a broad spectrum of fascinating topics. 
I have written feature articles for Smithsonian's Air & Space magazine (for which I'm a contributing editor), Weatherwise magazine (for which I'm a contributing editor), The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Alpinist, Foreign Policy (online), Proceedings of the Naval Institute Press, Leatherneck Magazine, The Marine Corps Gazette, Nature Photographer, Rock and Ice Magazine, Climbing Magazine, Alaska Geographic, The Weather Guide Calendar, Paddler Magazine, The American Alpine Journal, Sea Kayaker Magazine, and others. Articles of mine have been re-published and referenced in a broad host of major international media outlets, including The Telegraph, Stern, Yahoo News, Norway's NRK, Finland's Helsingin Sanomat, and many others
Thank you for your interest,
— Ed Darack